The Revival No One Expected

March 4, 2023 Dream

I had a dream I was at some kind of secular event. I knew it was secular because my brother was their and so was his daughter.
The building reminded me of a circus, because the seating surrounded a center stage.

Everyone were wearing bright festive colors of reds, yellow, green. Like colors you might expect to see in a show or flashy musical.

I was sitting away from my brother and niece with several leaders who had come with me. We had brought a group of kids we worked with who seemed to be up to 6th grade.
The large building was packed mainly with families. Similar to what you would expect if you went to a program at a child’s elementary school.

I knew a revival had been prophesied, and had memorized its contents over several years, but hadn’t ever seen it. Lots of pastors and churches had said they were having it and people would rush to this churches and bring in lots of money for guests speakers claiming to carry it. All of them saying a youth revival was coming.

Since the prophetic word I’d been hearing over time didn’t mention a specific age group I had always went along with the assumption it would be another youth revival too.

The people in this building were anxiously awaiting the event to begin, talking among themselves, kids asking questions and marveling at the people, and stage, etc.

I leaned over to my left towards someone who came with me and said, I wonder when its going to begin?

They shook their head in agreement. Then I noticed the environment shifted with a spot shinning down on to a little brown skinned girl as she stood up. She were around 7 or 8 years old, i presumed.

(There was no adult on stage or anyone I could see leading or introducing things. It just started)

Everyone was filled with anticipation, but no on knew what to expect. I didn’t if she were going to introduce as the M.C., talk or sing, but she was dressed in very glimmering and festive clothing.

The room fell silent as she began to more or less semi-talk yet sing in a poetic form and began walking around the circular path of the event area. Not on stage which was empty, but among the aisles of people.

Within seconds I knew what she were saying, as I began saying or singing along with her.

After the first “line or lyric”, the associate to me left quickly leaned into me as though about to stand up and stop it, saying, “She’s saying the prophecy”.
I said yes, she is singing the prophecy verbatim, better than even I could having had years to memorize it.”
The associate had risen half way out of their chair and said, “what should we do”, wanting to stop it.
I said, “Sit down and observe to see what happens next”. So they sat down again.

Because the building was full of normal people, not church people, they had no idea that the girl were quoting a prophecy, to them it just sounded like some kind of poetry that they figured would make more sense as this event unfolded.
Then kids all across the building stood up where they were or came into the aisles and began prophesying along with the little girl.

It looked and sounded a bit like a musical, except as they did this, the power of the Holy Spirit fell across the entire place like a giant bucket had been poured out. The kids began prophesying to their parents, older siblings and those they didn’t know through out the building.

I and others watched as what seemed like organized chaos fell everywhere as God healed deep wounds of rejection, bitterness, emotional pain, broken hearts and other soul issues being revealed by kids.

I could see gray clouds of darkness lifting off entire families consisting of the past few generations. The demonic clouds of oppression, depression, torment rising off and exiting the ceiling, and as that happened their clothing turned festive, their skin tones turned healthy and great joy fell over them and they began celebrating.

My niece came over to where I was sitting and said “uncle, we need to talk”. I of course told her o.k. She then went back to sit with her father and family.
In the dream my niece was around the age of the other kids, seven or eight.

I sensed that she needed to repent of some things.
Outside of the dream, my niece is around 36 and part of the X-Generation.


  1. There is a part that occurred before this, possibly a proceeding dream or earlier part I didn’t include. In both parts, kids were the theme.
  2. In both parts I was an adult working with children. (I worked with children from 1994 to 1997.)
  3. The building was not a church building. The difference is a church building focus’ all the attention on a pastor and those on stage. This building was round with a stage in the center, but that allows focus entirely on everyone in the building.
  4. No pastor or leader ever appeared on the stage.
  5. A single girl, no one would suspect or imagine, no one knew, began the event by speaking out a prophecy. Everyone who knew the prophecy expected a church leader, adult or at minimum a young adult to be the one to release it.
  6. It wasn’t a church event or religious sponsored event, it was a secular event full of families of different cultures and even religions.
  7. When the Holy Spirit fell, it fell on the kids, the unexpected, and because it fell on kids, no one could reject what was being said as the Holy Spirit exposed things revealed. They didn’t have any filters or defenses setup against kids.
  8. Families were set free. Entire generational lines of curses were broken off, from the innocent kids up to the eldest present family member.