[Banned On YouTube] Kim Clement’s Prophecy

[Banned On YouTube]
Kim Clement’s Prophecies from 2014 make a whole lot more sense in 2021 presented before the 2021 Ohio Speech and Rally. We saw many of them fulfilled, one by one between 2016 to 2020, but then we went into this season, that Kim Clement prophesied as “A veil that has been placed upon this nation”, that has since followed. (“The veil” portion of the prophecy was originally made public on YouTube in July 2016 by YouTuber Doug Price It was not until much later that Kim Clement’s own channel began mentioning the now infamous Trump Prophecies. The most revealing of which Kim gave in 2014)

[Banned On YouTube]

Unfortunately, despite allowing a few major news media outlets to host and have the Ohio Speech Rally remain on YouTube, our video was deemed Spam, Deceptive and removed with the threat of closing our channel. The only difference between the other videos and this video, is that it opens with the already shown to be authentic prophetic insights of Kim Clement in 2014. Some of them additionally fit in with the content that occurred during the Ohio Speech and Address.

This leads us to believe, that YouTube has intentionally targeted our video and channel, because of it’s prophetic and accurate content, or in other words, YouTube is actively engaged and practicing religious harassment and discrimination against content creators.

I wrote two appeals.

The first one above which was rejected, and a second one asking YouTube why four media outlets with massive subscribers were being allowed to show the exact same content (minus the prophetic words of Kim Clement), which according to the reason provided by YouTube as their excuse for censorship, would also subject those other videos to the same removal and strike?

YouTube did not respond to the second Appeal at the time this video was released on Utreon (The YouTube Alternative) for presentation on our Prophetic Things blog.

The video was re-edited for Utreon. We added the removal and strike information received from YouTube, and a quote by Thomas Jefferson.

Watch this video on Utreon, we were unable to embed it into our blog.

YouTube Banned on Kim Clement Prophecy Video

Is YouTube actively engaged and practicing religious harassment and discrimination against content creators? Time will tell.