I had a dream this morning, Gavin Newsom Recalled

Photo of sunrise with the words, I had a dream this morning 9/1/21 that we successfully recalled and removed Gavin Newsom in California.

UPDATED: October 12, 2021

9/1/21 I had a #Dream this morning that #GavinNewsom got successfully recalled in #California.

Photo of sunrise with the words, I had a dream this morning 9/1/21 that we successfully recalled and removed Gavin Newsom in California.
I had a dream this morning 9/1/21 that we successfully recalled and removed Gavin Newsom in California.

October 12, 2021 Update

The actual recall election of 2021 is now long over and this dream pre-recall election didn’t materialize as i recalled the dream.

As I reflect back on the actual dream now after the recall election failed, the dream is still relatively clear in my mind.

One thing I clearly recall during this particular dream is, that even during the dream it seemed more like some kind of court setting than an election setting. Then and now, that tone in the dream still bewilders me, about this dream. What was perfectly clear however, was that he was in office and was being forcefully upseated and removed.

As usual, I wrote out the dream with the best transcription and details of the events possible. There are often environmental tones, symbolism and impressions in my dreams that I may not take into consideration, be able to describe or may interpret different than what they actually represent within the dream. This was certainly true within this dream.

Even the activities and actions of the characters within this dream I had to interpret based on what I precieved they were doing, and i chose to do so based on the then up coming recall events at that time

So that is the way I originally wrote it out and posted it. But, I still felt immediately after the dream that perhaps it was later than the actual recall in the dream. I just couldn’t imagine or come up with an alternative setting or environment that matched what I was seeing in the dream in which a Governor might be forced out of office through what appeared to be a court setting.

As far back as i can remember, this is the first and only politucal theme dream I recall having at this point, and that made it stand out more to me upon waking up.

While these days I tend to place less prophetic confidence on dreams, when I was younger I had some very accurate prophetic dreams.

In 2021, “dream interpretation”, has become a very big conference and book selling event for churches to make money. My experiences with dreams dates back to as early as eight years old, up until around 2005 as far as training and studying. It’s only been since around 2019 that I began feeling a lot of additional caution and discernment is required, especially now that it’s part of the mainstream Charismatic and Pentecostal movements conferences and events trends.

i am 100 percent fully convienced God speaks within dreams, but there are much easier ways for God to speak than dreams. The problem with prophecy and dreams is either the exceptionally rare gift like Joseph in the bible is needed, or additional sources of confirmation is needed. Trying to decipher symbols for dreams is pretty much a waste of time in my experience, except when those symbols are unusual. For example in two prophetic dreams in my past, the dreams were pretty clear as far as what was happening, but a word was spoken within a conversation inside the dream, that single word in the dream was in a language I do not know and never heard before. Looking those words up in a translator app, the translated word fit perfectly within the dream, and was the key to making sense of the dream.

Another major prophetic dream that changed the course of my life at age 21, had immediate confirmations. I had the dream on a Saturday morning, and Sunday morning three different people i barely knew came up to me at different times and said, “I was on my way to church, when I God told me to tell you…. when I saw you. All three of those people said almost verbatim the same thing, which matched the dream. Seven years later, I found myself in Japan living the dream.

So when God speaks in dreams, 99% of the time there had been confirmation to support it via other people or events to remove doubt, additional following dreams that provided more details, or very clear instruction within the dream. Extremely rare have my attempts to self interpret dreams with symbols and dream dictionaries been helpful. But I still journal them in written or audio form, for future reference or reading.

This recall election dream didn’t have any confirmation from outside sources, key words in other languages, conversations, or other things that would lend it prophetic credibility in my mind. It was interesting, unusual content, a bit perplexing because of the setting in a court or legislative building, and right before the recall. It also stood out, because it was entirely observational in perspective, meaning I was watching it happen as opposed to being a participant in the dream. I decided I would do a basic journaling of it here on my Prophetic Things blog.

So I am leaving it up and not deleting it, despite the recall election having come and gone.

Today, Oct 1, 2021 in the waking world, Gavin Newsom introduced 720 new laws, a few of them very radical, like one might do if they thought this might be their last chance. It may very well be California, Governor Newsom’s last term, or he may get re-elected for another four years, in which case my removal of this particular dream could be premature.

Whether it ends up being a dream rooted in a night of “too much Pizza”, as the saying goes; or whether aspects of it eventually manifest at some later date, only time will tell.

I’m just not ready to remove this post either way. Especially being that it’s the first dream I’ve ever had of a political nature. I’m in no rush. Despite almost a lifetime of different Kinds of prophetic experiences, I still consider myself very much a student of the prophetic.

I learn by experience, there was never anyone mentoring me until my mid twenties up until my mentors passed away a few years ago. Even pastors have to learn after coming out of seminary. You don’t just instantly become an expert. It takes years and years to learn to “listen and hear”.

What follows is the original unedited version of the dream as I wrote it back on the first day of September 2021…

I was in a large meeting area with news crews and politicians and people. There was a table with people up front like a panel interview. They were tabulating the final results. It felt very serious and those at the table looked very intense and involved in what they were doing. They were taking quite a while.

I saw several politicians there who were known due to their frequent noise and presence within news media, like Elizabeth Warren, I saw one person who I thought might be Kamala Harris. Warren was walking around the back of the room, where I and a friend were standing. She looked agitated.

In some ways, it reminded me of when I worked for the California School district, when we had large union meetings.

When the announcement was made, it wasn’t what i expected. I expected lots of cheers and excitement. Instead it was more like how it feels in a court room when a verdict is given by an “honorable” judge at the end of a court case. I say “honorable”, because not all judges are honorable, some engage in political influence and bias. Those kinds of judges are not delivering justice or an honorable judgement, but are engaging in political interference with the power and authority provided to them under their elected or hired title.

People were talking among themselves, many people leaving in relief. Others were smiling and happy as they left. Others, like Warren were agitated, angry, determined to oppose, overturn, interfere with the will of the people of California. She was still saying the same false lies Governor Gavin Newsom has been speaking, trying to blame former President Donald Trump and fake their political agendas on his fall. But it was clear that the past president had nothing to do with the recall; Mr. Newsom simply is a poor manager and his leadership ruined many people financially, emotionally, physically, through a wide spectrum of unrelated decisions.

The room emptied pretty fast, a few stragglers talked in small circles. It was over, and #recallgavinnewsom was successful and now final.

There was a sense of great relief by those who had been impacted in life changing ways during the term of this governor.