07-24-22 Trump Prophecies Update

This is where we are in the Trump Prophecy Fullfillment as of 2022

Today I added the rest of the Trump Prophecies to my tracking list that I started in 2015 to see if they would actually happen as prophesied by Kim Clement.

Every few years I would make an update and post it to various social media platforms, marking off the ones that came to pass so far. Sometimes I would be nervous even though the prophecies already gave the out come, like the two failed impeachments.

This after noon I was casually browsing my hard drive looking for some documents to move into a new folder and came across the 2017 update and figured it was time to make an update for 2022. So I did. Here is that update.

The 2018 Trump Prophecy Update Survived On Twitter

Where are we at in the Trump Prophecies in 2022 and what is still ahead.

I had just posted it on Twitter and decided to check to see where it placed in their hash tags rank, when I came across an update I had made in 2018 that someone else had reposted on Twitter. That was good, because I had left Twitter for a few years.

Here is that 2018 one from Twitter (below), important because it has a couple of things I didn’t add in the 2022 update. Primarily the prophecy about California. There are one or two prophecy signs that occur in states around America. One being that Rain and the ending of the drought in California would be a sign, and the second being that states that encounter severe weather, will see revival. Because those were about states, I’ve generally left them off, figuring I would add them once I added the rest of the ones I hadn’t previously added that were specifically about the elections or Donald Trump, since they hadn’t come into play yet. But this 2018 update Twitter repost has at least one of them.

Also important about the 2018 update is the one specifically about Russia and Ukraine. That’s God’s hand would smack down against Russia.

Previous 2018 Trump Prophecy Update that somehow survived on Twitter.

A good question

After posting the 2022 update on Twitter, someone replied asking, “What about the ones that didn’t occur”? And that is an excellent question, because to anyone who thinks of prophecy being something you look back at after something happened, would only see prophecy in that perspective. Even in Bible Prophecy, one reason some people get stuck about the idea that God is or isn’t talking anymore, is because we are post-bible looking back at things God said in the past, where as in the old and new testament of the Bible, people were Pre-Prophecy – either in it as it happened, or it not happening yet.

The answer to this question is simple, especially with the Trump Prophecies.

The ones that didn’t occur, simply have not occurred yet!

One of the things that intrigued me and since amazed me about Kim Clement’s Trump prophecies which he began prophesying as early as 2005. are that they have been happening now. We know the prophecies, and have watched them come to pass as they have occurred, which is exceptionally rare in my experience, especially with prophecies about government.

In 2022 were are in the late-middle of the Trump Prophecies. We can easily look at the ones that have already happened, the ones that are happening, and those that haven’t happened yet.