23,000 Bodies Wash Up On Beach

7-22-2020 5:30 AM – In a dream, I was on the west coast. Strange events had began taken place in the ocean on shore at a private resort area.

It was one of the only resort areas allowed to be opened. It had a very small fenced off beach area.

Some kind of fungus has began developing on the beach, it looked kind of like blobs of cheese puff material, but not the same texture, it was a sort of bleached cream color. It was being caused by man made events. It wasn’t harmful, the owners so who was running the resort had just been ignoring it, but the guests on the beach when it reopened found it bothersome and began complaining.

A small but fast rushing wave came towards the shore, it could be seen quite a ways out, it was pushing along a chair with metal legs and a orangish brown seat pad. It was moving really fast. I told people to leave the shore where they had their towels out. The women were wearing fancy bathing sun hats.

Before the chair hit the shore, a second larger wave from behind it in the distance began coming towards shore. At the point, only one or two people had left the shore. This second wave was pushing in front of it a 7 foot chain link fence, it was completely attached and spread wide. Wider even than the length of the resorts part of the beach. As it entered into the sectioned off area of the beach, it broke at the sides where the jetty reached out into the water, but the force of the water behind it didn’t stop the fence from continuing. I again, yelled for everyone to move to shore, and they quickly began to respond.

The last few people got off the beach, right as the second wave hit and the fence came up onto the shore, wrapping around the small resort office building, and onto the beach shore behind where there was a small patio cabana like area 25 to 50 feet away. It was only big enough for four people to sit around, sheltered from the sun. There were two men and two women sitting and talking in it.

I ran across the parking lot towards the cabana area, I knew one of the women sitting in it. The fence had pushed upright, right against the parking lot fence and trapped the people in the cabana. I helped pull the parking lot side of the fence back, only two or three people were focused enough to respond, everyone else was still in shock. the people, including the woman I know were able to be extricated.

The women I knew was the first to walk out from between the two pieces of fence. As she reached me, and we expressed thankfulness that she was o.k. I heard a voice say, “23,000 bodies washed up on shore”.

The dream ended.