The coming moral confrontation

October 22, 2020

In a dream this morning, a massive attempt occurred in which moral men and women became victims of a national reproach trying to discredit and invalidate their mortality.

It was such a big assault and attempt by false and lying government leaders who identify from both left and right, supported by the media, that it literally blew the doors and windows off of moral America with false accusations, lies and slander.

It spread into neighborhoods where people of various color challenged, insulted, attacked people of opposite color, but it was disunified, because genuine morality is color blind.

So there were moral people of multiple colors defending morality against the lies, pressure and manipulation of larger groups of single colors who were joined together against the people of morality.

This was an aggressive move within neighborhoods, and physical “in your face” kinds of local public confrontations occurred.
So God allowed the locks of the moral peoples doors and windows to be removed and uncovered (exposed) so their history and truth was laid bare.

The accusers were strong in the beginning, preaching false narratives, false history, pushing guilt, dishonesty and demanding reparations, but slowly began to weaken in credibility as God released the moral peoples history transparently.

The integrity of those pushing the false narratives could no longer support or prove their claims.

The history of the moral people revealed, exposed that the opposite of the trending political, social and cultural narratives was true.

Truth revealed the history of the good, kindness, compassion, mercy the moral people of past generations had done.

Though those whose hearts were corrupt chose to continue to believe and push their false narratives. They essentially became so weak they faded back into the background as exposure of truth and history of the moral people brought fresh revelation back into the national narrative, and it was celebrated as good.