The return of Donald Trump and the 444 connection.

The significance of 444 and Donald Trump

The past few weeks while has been making decisions about it’s future. I’ve seen the number 444 repeating over and over and over.

444 11/9

As a student of the prophetic, I pay attention to things like this, because they are unusual. Especially when America or events around me are unusual at the same time.

Nothing has been more unusual than the 2020 elections.

Today on November 9, I saw it again at 444 am, but now there is additional insight.
Pay attention to today’s date 11/9. If you reverse that number as you read this, today’s date becomes 9/11.

None of this was intentional, it just all began to come together as I began to look for significance of the reiterating number of 444, which I’ve been seeing everyday at 444 am and 444 pm for several weeks.

I did some deeper looking into this number and the number 4, and the number 444 turn out to have some really significant relationships.

First 444 relates to the 40 days of testing that Jesus had to go through. This will make more sense as you continue to read, hopefully.

Its also related to the date September 11th, which as we know, is the date America went through its first major shift in our lifetime.

September 11th was the start of all the government secrecy, loss of privacy, and covert cover-ups in the name of national security. That connection to today, 11/9 or reversed 9/11 at 444 AM when this number appeared again.

Edward Snowdon later exposed the abuse of government in 2013, but for many, little is really known about what was uncovered, we just know it was enough to send him fleeing and the government chasing him, until Russia was the only place who wanted him. Then everything went underground again until it’s re-exposure from 2016 to 2020, during which it had come to light that under the former President, Barack Obama, his vice president Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, James Comey’s FBI, and John Brennon’s CIA, they together conspired to upsert the election and installment of President, Donald Trump.

We learned in 2020, some of the actions they were taking in 2015 and 16, to target incoming President candidate Trump to divert attention from the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and loss of classified documents on her home server when it was hacked by foreign entities.

Then four years of a corrupt Democrat Congress majority that acted in a way not even seen by America’s worst foreign enemies to block, resist, interfere and upsert a sitting president.

The number 444 also has relationship to the year of biblical Jubilee. The year of Jubille year was a “YEAR OF REST”, and the forgiveness of all debts”

What has happened in 2020? America and the world has had a “forced year of rest”

We were forced to lock down due to the Chinese Wuhan Conrona Virus-19 pandemic. Much of America still being shut down as I write this, especially in Democrat governed states, like here in California, where hundreds of thousands of people have lost their employment and been locked out of their church.

It’s what I have referred to as the “Forced Year of Sabbath”.

As I write this, President Donald Trump is in a contested election call, where election fraud has been implied. This fully fits within the narrative of the government corruption that prophet, Kim Clement prophesied would be exposed, and that we have seen.

The Original Trump Prophecies Check List

Kim, prophesied the election of Donald Trump, the changes he’d make benefiting Israel, the whistle blower, the impeachment, the failure of the impeachment, the replacement of two supreme court justices, 100 percent accurate. He prophesied these prior to 2015, before Donald Trump even ran for President. Kim made those prophecies from 2005 to 2015, recorded on video. He died right after the 2016 elections, never seeing Trump installed and confirmed.

Kim also prophesied exposure of corruption, the taking down of the brothers of the giant of goliath, Socialism, Debt and Human Secularism, and other things that haven’t occurred fully yet. He also prophesied two terms.

As I see this number 444 repeat over and over again during this moment, and additional meaning of the number 4 and 444 have come. I ask, are we currently seeing 40 days of testing for our current leader and America during this contested election, before GOD breaks what has been done within our corrupt government, and ultimately restores President Donald Trump into his second term so that the rest of the changes and prophecies about the ending of corrupt government can be fulfilled?

Remember what I stated at the beginning. The number 444 and 4 have a direct connection to the 40 days of testing Jesus endured in the bible. I’m certainly not suggesting Donald Trump is Jesus, nor even any resemblance. I am suggesting, there may be a connection though to the number of “testing”.

There is already a profound significance to the biblical year of rest, Jubilee.

We also know without question, God has been fully engaged prophetically in the election of Donald Trump and everything that has happened to date.

Former Vice President, Joe Biden and socialist, Kamala Harris represent the presidency of contested elections, are representatives of the party that has upserted law and order, and is responsible for the corruption exposed, going back to Barak Obama’s presidency.

They have stated they will undo everything Donald Trump was prophesied in advance to do, once confirmed into office. Joe Biden the contested president elect, is also a key figure in the corruption that led to Donald Trump being elected in the first place.

Mexico stands with Donald Trump

What sense would it make, for God to spend ten years telling the “church”, what was going to happen in advance, only to see part of it fulfilled, and allowing the same corruption to return to reverse and undo, what God said was going to be undone? None! That makes no sense, and doesn’t fit into the character of God or the prophetic.

What does make sense, is the 40 days of testing of America and the return of Donald Trump.

This corruption and the ultimate exposure of government corruption isn’t limited to a single political party. Republicans have worked internally against Donald Trump; Think Mitt Romney, John McCain, Jeb Bush, Jeff Flake, the Lincoln Project. Democrats through the US Senate, House of Representatives and America’s bias and politically motivated judicial system, from Hillary Clinton, the Muller investigation, ninth-circut judges opposing this president over and over again for years and the Senate character assassination of supreme court justice, Brett Cavanaugh. Not to leave out the conviction and imprisonment of anyone possibly connected to Donald Trump, while ZERO convictions of anyone associated with the Democrat party.

We also have federal leaders involved in the corruption, from the CIA, FBI and DOJ.

You may also be.interested in knowing the number 4 is the number of justice and stability. Also loyalty, patience and trust

Lou Engle – Expose, Expose, Expose

Previously, a few a few weeks ago, I posted here on 10/20/20 on the Night Visions blog, the significance of the date 10/20/20 and it’s prophetic meaning of Law and Order.

The prophetic day of 10/20/20

Is this just a testing moment before president Trump is vindicated? I don’t know. I only know the little I’ve seen and observed. The rising number of 444, the interesting meanings associated with that number, and how they seem to be maybe pointing to Donald Trumps return and ultimately the continuation of the fulfillment of Kim Clements prophecies.

However this story turns out, we know God is intent on “cleaning America’s corruption, shaking the Democrats in upcoming elections, and unsettling the Republicans”. As prophesied by.Kim Clement. But it’s very far from over.

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