Is God Shaking The Seven Mountains?

Pay attention to this, its several years insight in the making. What is happening right now in America, has to do with the Seven Mountains. You may have heard of that term before.

The Seven Mountains are:


It seems like everything is currently out of control, but as I have continually said. over and over. God is very much in control.

In the 1980’s God began dealing with the “Mountain of Religion”. We saw pastors, televangelist, ministry networks shaken, as God began shaking the church. It started with the Evangelical church and has continued through all church denominations since then, going more recently into exposing the immorality within the Catholic Church.

Global Catholic Priests Sex Cover-up

Then in 2020 God put the Church of America into a “forced sabbath” rest, when God allowed the churches to be shut down and state Governors to violate and infringe on your 1st Amendment right of the US Constitution. Under normal circumstances, the US Constitution in intended to protect us from these kinds of government infringements restricting and inhibiting our right to gather and practice our religious beliefs. Even if your religious belief, is having no religious belief.

Demonstrators holding signs demanding their church to reopen, protest during a rally to re-open California and against Stay-At-Home directives on May 1, 2020 in San Diego, California. – Rallies have been held at several state capitols across the country as protesters express their deep frustration with the stay-at-home orders that are meant to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus. (Photo by Sandy Huffaker / AFP) (Photo by SANDY HUFFAKER/AFP via Getty Images)

As far as the seven mountains are concerned, things had been relatively quiet, much like Yellowstone Park which sits of the largest known magma flow, waiting to erupt. It was only after the massive and expansive exposure within the Catholic Churches and other churches and denominations had been exposed, that the other “six mountains” began to tremble.

God always cleans the church, His church, before he cleans other areas society.

In the early 2000’s God began shaking the Government, which first peeked in 2013 with Edward Snowden a whistleblower contracted by the NSA. Snowden was only a low level person at the bottom of the mountain of Government. Three years later, the democrat party would be shaken with the election of Donald Trump, and the Republicans unsettled. Seven years following Snowden we began seeing the shaking at the highest levels of Government, including in the covert branches of government the NSA, FBI, DOJ and secret courts, even the White House operations that impacted the 2016 elections going forward into 2020.

During the presidency of Donald Trump, we have seen democrats and anti-Trumper’s within the US Congress attempt to sabotage an elected president from day one, continuing into the US Senate where democrats egregiously attacked and conspired against the Character and Morality of Honorable Judge, Brett Kavanaugh. In 2020, the same with Honorable Judge, Amy Coney Barrett.

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett character attacked by democrat socialists.

We have observed judicial bias in how President Obama’s associates were treated without any legal convictions and a coverup from the top down, in the DOJ, FBI, CIA and Obama Administration. Not a single conviction for Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandals that covered up leaks of Classified information. Yet for associates of 2016 president-elect Donald Trump, it is slowly coming out that the FBI lied in our faces as they covered up for the Obama administration, while convicting multiple associates of President Donald Trump for much less serious convictions. A quick glance through the Bible will quickly reveal that God takes justice very seriously and hates corrupt judicial systems.

Over and over again, we have seen the ninth circuit judicial courts oppose and block President Donald Trump as he acted within his legal allowance. We have seen other circuits of Federal Judges in various states overreach their authority and block President Donald Trump also, ultimately requiring the intervention of the US Supreme Court.

We have seen a democrat led US House Majority Congress threaten to impeach a 2015 President-elect Donald Trump before he even took office, and those same politicians keep their promise in 2019 with no factual evidence to support their claims.

Nancy Pelosi – Democrat of California, Speaker of the House, declares Donald Trump Impeached regardless of US Senate.

Local Government

In 2020 we saw governors overstep their US Constitutional authority to make changes to the election process, and media attempt to coverup what appears to be fraudulent activities.

States have continually been bombarded with natural weather events to the magnitude never seen in modern times, comparable with events seen only in the days of ancient Egypt in the Bible. Some states being hit over and over again with an astronomical rarity of lighting strikes all across northern, California.

Northern California experiences strange lightning attack unlike anything ever seen before.

Why is northern California significant? northern California is hope to its state capital, its legislature, its senate, all which are a veto proof super majority of men and women of the democrat party. You may be thinking, this article is bias against the democrat party, but it isn’t, but try to tell that to CNN or the Washington Post. Facts are facts.

In Texas, flooding for example has hit some areas over and over again, while California has been on fire for several years now, but nothing like in 2020 during which the majority of the state was burning. Is the shaking over? Difficult to know, It’s very likely we will see more shaking ahead within local governments now, beginning within the actual government.

Most of California is on fire. Smog pollution surpasses that of China as it carries across the nation into New York.

The Third Mountain – Education

At the end of 2020, the mountain of the Educational System started to violently tremble, first with exposure of a one sided crushing of mutual free speech on university campuses, then the exposure and convictions of the admissions scandal where money and influence weigh more then merit. The Mountain of Education is only simmering, eventually we’ll see some major shaking.

The Media is trembling and starting to shake like a volcano waiting to erupt.

We are in a season of great shaking within the Media currently as News Agencies and Social Media controlled by Tech Companies censor free-speech, under report or black-outs important information they oppose. The Media is shaking right in front of us.

We’ve also just gone through the shaking of the Arts and Entertainment Mountain. From the once beloved Bill Cosby, previously recognized as the black Mr. Rogers of America, being convicted of rape and molestations, to the king of the Arts and Entertainment World itself, Harvey Weinstein being convicted of similar. This is only a recent new tremor. It will be shaken as well.

The Seventh Mountain of Business

We’ve had shaking and tremors happening on the seventh mountain also. From an amazing financial and employment recovery under the leadership of Donald Trump, to the massive losses of businesses forced to close in democrat majority state governments. California in particular, responsible for leading much of the rebellion against God in the 2000’s in everything from marriage to drug use, is bleeding businesses and small businesses to other states like Arizona and Texas. This is just the beginning.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg/Shutterstock (10722800f) U.S. furnishing and decor retailer Pier 1 imports is going out of business. Coronavirus outbreak, Aventura, Florida, USA – 25 Jul 2020

I’ve been watching this pattern since the 1980’s to see what would happen with the mountains, once I noticed the mountain of religion had began shaking. I knew then, like I know now, that God was first shaking the church, his bride. God always beings with cleaning his church of corruption, before he moves on to the other areas of civil society. Back then, I didn’t know anything about the “Seven Mountains”, it wasn’t a thing. I only knew what God was doing. I wasn’t sure what it would look like. Now all of us who have paid any attention at all know.

God is still in control

So if you’re afraid, and you belong to the body of Jesus Christ, take comfort in knowing, God is Very in control. Not absent in any way, but very in control. Everything happening is all part of the shaking of the Seven Mountains. What happens after the shaking and exposure is completed? Good question. I’ve never known, other than my expectation of a move of God’s Spirit across the places where it happens.

But take comfort knowing you will be ok, God is in control, and even if you’ve been influenced or persuaded in a particular direction, when exposure comes, and truth is revealed on a mountain, you may be surprised or as the current culture calls it, “Woke”.