Why are you troubled, why are you discouraged?

Why are you troubled, why are you discouraged? Instead have faith in me, trust that I am that I am and that I do what I say. I am for you, I am not against you.

Have I not commanded you to be strong and courageous? Do not let your heart be weakened by the things of this world or the troubles that are surrounding you. Instead put your trust and faith in the hope that I am that I am, that I may take care of you in the days of trouble, that I may deliver you from the hands of trouble, that I may put in your mouth the words to speak, the words to say in your defense.

For a new day is upon you, a new way, a new time, a new season, for I’ve called you out of from desolate places where there is no rain. I’m calling you into the garden, lush green garden, where rain and rivers flow. I am the garden keeper, and you are the gardener. This garden is a safe place protected from the things that can harm.

See I have placed many angels around you who intercede on your behalf, to keep watch over you, to protect you, and whisper to you from my mouth and from my heart. So that you may be encouraged in the days of troubles.

Therefore do not be troubled, for I am with you and I will carry you under my wings. I will not let you fall, so be bold. Again I say, be bold. I am waking up my church, and I’m calling you to the forefront to prepare my way, do not be slack, instead draw near, for the time has come for you to arise and shine and shout forth like a lion. In this day.