Does Joe Biden Elect fit into the Trump Prophecies?

So from a prophetic perspective. I am still observing Kim Clements, Trump Prophecies in light of current events.

Based on the events of the past four years that were prophesied back in 2015 and prior. The vast majority came to pass between 2016 and 2020. There are a few aspects that haven’t. For one thing I will say, based on all those that have come to pass. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris taking possession of the White House seem fully contrary and opposite of everything that has happened and already came to pass.

From a news media and social media information perspective, there is so much distortion and disingenuousness about everything that has occurred in the past year, it is like a veil has been placed over America, making it impossible to distinguish truth from fiction. This is interesting, because the main video about the prophecies starts out with, “I have placed a Veil upon this nation, and I did it, so for a season my people would wonder and faith would increase, for in darkness, faith grows. In despair faith grows.” I always assumed this referred to pre-2016.

However, while listening to it again, the rest sounds more like what has occurred in 2020. Our Churches have been locked down for a year and disrupted, closed; people who had jobs, businesses, small businesses are unemployed or out of business entirely, people are living on government subsidies, eating out and fancy foods are only available to the politically empowered making the rules.

I am still 100% positive that the prophecies are and were accurate. What I haven’t been sure of, is how they would play out into a second election. In a different video, not part of the original prophecies that I have tracked, Kim Clement prophesied a two term presidency. I came across that video again last year in 2019. That video’s audio was recorded in 2007, at which time I thought it referred to Barack Obama, who did serve for two terms. When i saw this video in 2019, the Kim Clement team had linked it together with several other videos clips in which Kim had declared that Trump would become the Trumpet. Other than the 2015 prophecies that I have observed come to pass, one after another for four years, there was no mention of two terms. Instead that video says that there will be shaking for the Democrat Party in up coming elections.

It seemed to me this video was referring to a sequential term (one following the other) not separated by four years. However, the prophecies were for a range from 2016 to 2027, which could mean a gap.

There are still things that haven’t happened, “The taking down of the giants of debt, socialism and human Secularism.” for example.

There is also the prophecy, “My fist is about to smack down on Russia”, and the Ukraine would see joy and beauty and praise.

So far during the first four years of Donald Trump’s presidency we know a connection was exposed earlier, between Joe Biden’s family and Democrat party connections to corruption in the Ukraine. Then in the middle of Donald Trumps first term, we saw democrats attempt to connect the Trump Administration to Ukraine corruption based on the anonymous whistle blower who complied third party details about the Ukraine phone call. The Democrat House Majority in Congress proceeded in fulfilling the Impeachment Prophecy, which Kim Clement prophesied would fail, and it ultimately did.

“In the Supreme Court, two shall step down for the embarrassment that will take place”. This either is still ahead, or it refers to the two Justices who Donald Trump replaced because they passed away”.

The prophesy continues with, “They shall try to put others in to reach their endeavor’s”. In 2020, the question during the election debates and interviews, over and over again, to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and other key Democrats, has been the question, do you intend to “stack the court”, the which all of them declined to answer.

There is a specific prophecy about God dealing with “Corruption in the White House, so there will be no more corruption”. At the end of 2020, depending on your source of information, you have heard about how the Obama and Biden administration worked with Hillary Clinton, the FBI and others to set-up Trump for the Russia collusion, through Fusion, etc.

One thing the current administration has had to deal with is leaks and “rhinos” for four years within the White House and connected parties, leaking. Which ultimately led up to the Impeachment based on a supposed “whistle blower” who claimed to have information about the Ukraine phone call. Was that this? I’ve personally assumed as a watcher and observer, that this hasn’t happened yet, because those who have worked against the president, are still being removed.

There’s more I could write about why I am still not convinced that things will play out the way the media is spinning it in 2021. But, I’ll write more later.