President Elect, becomes Presidential Limo Driver

Strange Dream today on Christmas 12/25/2020. This is the first dream I have ever had focused entirely on a political theme.

President, Donald Trump and his limousine driver had just sat down within the official presidential limousine, when a man came to the left side of the car up to the limo driver window. He tells the limo driver that he is the “president elect” and as such, he is going for a drive in the Presidential limousine.

The limo driver looks back at President, Donald Trump, and the President nods to comply. President, Donald Trump, then his opens his own door on the right, steps forward and opens the limo passenger door and gets in.

The president elect, meanwhile opens the drivers door of the limo, asks the limo driver to exit, and instead of sitting in the back of the limousine, he sits in the drivers seat. So the limo driver opens up the rear door and sits in the back seat where the president is supposed to sit.

The president elect “limousine driver” began driving through Washington DC on a highway. He reached over to change the music on the radio of the limo, it had a red backlighted display. But the president elect “limousine driver” didn’t know how to use it. So the official limousine driver seating in the back seat told him, the numbers on the left are the radio station, the numbers in the middle are the volume and the numbers on the right, is the balance.

The limousine driver thought it was really strange that the president elect was driving the limo, but even more strange that this man didn’t even know how to use a vehicle radio, but alas, he sat back and enjoyed being driven around, looking out the window as the limo went down the highway, and the elegantly comfortable leather seats. President, Donald Trump sat in the passenger seat quietly smiling, as those amused.

A way down the road, off to the right of this highway, the limousine driver in the back seat, spotted firetrucks around a fire. As they passed, it seemed like it represented many firetrucks that were out that day, or in other words, this was just one of many senseless and pointless fires, that shouldn’t need to be fought.

When the official limo driver in the back seat turned to look forward, the president elect “limo driver”, for a brief minute transformed into vice president Mike Pence, before transforming into Barrack Obama. (In the dream, this metamorphosis from president elect, to Vice President, to Barrack Obama, had a clear meaning. It meant the person driving the limo was Joe Biden. The president elect driving the limo, first transformed into Vice President, Mike Pence which was reference to the Vice President position which Joe Biden held legally in office. Then immediately, he transformed into Barrack Obama, which Joe Biden represented as Vice President in a legal position. Legally, Joe Biden’s title, other than being, “President Elect” has only been, Barrack Obama’s Vice President. Additionally, Joe Biden was not riding in the back of the limo, he was driving the limo, or in other words, President, Donald Trump’s limo driver was in a higher legal position in the presidency chain, than the president elect.

Additionally, Donald Trump didn’t vacate his seat, he simply moved to the passenger seat, meaning he was still being driven around, just in the front seat. President, Donald Trump was also completely content, smiling as though amused the whole time.

The limo continued down the highway, until it pulled off and drove to a parking lot by a water front alongside the highway. This is where the fire fighters were fighting one of the pointlessly set fires at a mini-market.

President, Donald Trump got out of the passenger side on the right and went to talk directly with the hard working fire fighters. The official limo driver, stepped out of the back of the presidential limo on the right side. The “president elect” driver who now looked like Obama, was squatting along side the right side of the limo, looking at the water spray shooting out of one of fire fighters hoses.

The original limo driver walked up alongside of this “president elect” driver who looked like Obama, and asked him, “haven’t you just about gotten tired of seeing all these pointless fires, started on behalf of Obama? I sure have! “The “president elect” driver who had turned into a vice president, before changing appearance into Obama, looked down at the asphalt, picked up a tree stick and began to break pieces off of it, then looked up at the original limo driver for a second, and replied, “No, not really, I kind of enjoy what it represents.” Then he turned back and continued to watch the firefighters extinguish the charred remains of the mini-mart.

What was interesting about this part of the dream, was that it referenced a continuation of the fires, protests and riots that had been observed during President, Barrack Obama’s terms in office. The “president elect, vice president, limo driver” had an almost reflective tone about him, somewhat solemn and without regret of all the past pointless fires, destruction of property and racial discord. He seemed almost melancholy that it had previously ended.

The official limo driver, was both bothered and perplexed by the longing for the past chaos and disorder of the “president elect” limo driver, so he turned and went back to the limo and sat in the back seat of the presidential limo where President, Donald Trump was already sitting in the passenger seat. They sat and waited for the “president elect” limo driver to return from watching the fire, quietly in dismay about the ruin and damages they had just witnessed at this one of many pointless fires. They didn’t know where this “president elect” limo driver would take them next, but they assumed it would be to see more of the same, and for that they were over ridden by great sadness and grief.

The dream ended. Dreams are often very symbolic, its often difficult to decipher them, however this particular dream has several clear symbols through out it.

1. The president elect refers to Joe Biden.

2. The “president elect” and President Trump, riding together in the front seat, represents a temporary disruption in official authority. Yet, the President is still being driven around (led around), expect not by his official driver.

3. The official limo driver didn’t abandon his position and was still under the authority of Donald Trump. He simply took a passive role during the trip. Donald Trump couldn’t sit in the back seat in the official capacity, because of the dispute between the “president elect” and Presidential authority. So the limo driver sat temporarily in the back seat.

4. The president elect, never got to ride in the limo as president. It was almost like a temporary hijacking of the vehicle, by forcing himself into the limo drivers seat. So technically he was in the vehicle and directing where it was going on the highway, but didn’t have any genuine authority.

5. Both the President and Official Limo driver cooperated with the president elect, they both seemed rather amused, other than being overcome with great sadness about the losses they had observed up close at the fire, where as the president elect seemed reflective in an almost justified way.

6. Overall, the dream had a feeling of observing an unjust tragic story, about a man who greatly desired to be in control and in power, gained a taste of it under a temporary entitlement and ceased on that moment to reflect on past dreams about the future.

7. Throughout the dream, there was a sense that this entire occurrence was both short term, but also a key marking point at the beginning of the on going presidency of Donald Trump. Something significant historically because of having the presidency in limbo, but short.

8. There seemed to be something very significant in the dream about the radio. First of all the backlight display was red. Colors in dreams are key symbols, because generally dreams, though they do not appear to be, are in black and white. So when a color appears in a dream, it is usually a key symbol. In dream interpretation red often refers generically to power, rage or anger, if there is no other corresponding symbol in the dream. In this dream, the color red, seems to suggest ownership of the limo. If was President, Donald Trump limo. President Trump is a republican, and red is the color of the republican party. Where-as blue is the color of the democrat party of the current, president elect. Additionally, the majority of car radio displays are backlit in the color blue, not red. Which is why the radio stood out.

In the dream, the radio was seen in a close-up cropped view of just the radio and it’s display. Close enough that the black or dark led words and symbols on the display were easily seen.

Another aspect of the radio was the “president elect” was unfamiliar with how to use a radio. During Joe Biden’s campaign, on several occasions, he showed a complete disconnect with modern technology, referring to music as coming from old phonographs and people listening to records.

The radio only had three features, but each stood out as very significant in the dream. On the “left” was the radio stations. This was very clear in the dream, that it represented the media. The 2020 elections was 100% dominated by control by a politically left media. The center option was the volume. It was displayed in the middle. The third option was the balance control. The balance control, was on the right side, which in political symbols represents conservatives.

The president elect, seemed overly disturbed and flustered over the simplicity of the radio and its features, he neither knew how its single control knob worked, nor understood it features.

So, was this a prophetic dream? I don’t know. I won’t know unless it all plays out in a way that the symbols correspond symbolically with actual events and in hindsight. I tend to take that position about dreams, because the symbols in dreams are very subjective to the person who had the dream. Historically, in “prophetic dreams”, that I as the dream have encountered, there are other elements beyond visual that were involved. Additionally, I recall very few politically themed dreams. However, one key aspect that leads me towards it being on the prophetic side, is the date this dream occurred, which was December 25, aka Christmas. Historically, Christmas, Easter and New Years have been days that I have recorded quite a few prophetic leaning dreams since the 1980’s.