Mafia Style Spiritual Attack Waged Against You

I had the longest and most unusual dream this morning. Without going into details. I believe it represents the turmoil many are experiencing right now. A special demonic mafia has been assigned to cause coordinated disruption in all areas we have left unguarded, open, exposed, comprised in.

Some came into 2021 carrying offenses, some have already compromised to temptation in the name of isolation and weaknesses having been worn down over an extended season. Others have become angry with hatred in their heart. Some are bitter over real or perceived violations that have occurred against them.

As a result, an unusually coordinated spiritual attack is occurring, in which there is a head, and subordinate leader that encompasses multiple areas weaknesses, vulnerability, and compromise in your life.

What is this leader and their subordinates? Each area of SIN and SPIRITUAL VIOLATION has specific demons, agents against God assigned to them. Easy examples you already know about, Lying. Their are lying spirits. Another you are aware of is Sickness, their ate demons assigned to some forms of sickness.

Without going into a lengthy discussion about spiritual warfare and deliverance, to keep it simple and on point, like in the Kingdom of God there are different levels of authority. In Gods kingdom we have God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, the Angel of the Lord, etc. A higherarchy. Different assignments and areas of authority.

GOD’S enemy has initiated a mafia style assault intentioned to divide you, isolate you and create a wedge in your relationship with God the Father. If you’re finding yourself in this situation in 2021, continue reading.

The key to survival is to disarm the spiritual enemy. But since you are dealing with multiple attacks, in multiple areas of your life, you may not find the relief after trying to change what you were doing that opened the area of attack, as in the past. You may not even be completely aware of the area of compromise, because you’ve lived with it so long.

Confess and repent of all areas where you have harboured iniquity against anyone, even yourself. Repent and renounce all areas of compromise. Abandon areas of sin, remove yourself from situations with anyone who leads you, encourages, tempts or weakens your ability to guard your heart. This means reestablishing boundaries, and establishing boundaries. You can not guard your heart and mind, if your borders are open and compromised.

This may be in friendships or inappropriate relationships, it may be emotional relationships through social media, it may be in areas you and your spouse if you have one, are corrupted due to unforgiveness, resentment, selfishness on your part that has hardened your heart.

Cast off anything that is in violation of your relationship with God, repent, find ways to draw near to God, so God can draw near to you.

Change your environment with worship music, get away from your physical space if needed to pray in your car and talk alone with God, set aside some time to fast and pray if appropriate.

Ask God for help. Your prayer can be as simple as “GOD, Help”. Ask the Holy Spirit to show and reveal any area of compromise.