Trump Impeachment 2021 Prophecy – It’s A Mistake

Sometimes the Prophetic will come as something as simple as hearing a song in my mind. There have even been times God had an extremely specific song get played over a stores sound system, as I am walking through the store talking with the Holy Spirit and praying.

God is very creative in how He communicates with us when we’re paying attention.

Even more creative when we’re overwhelmed by circumstances that we can not otherwise settle enough inside to hear what God has in mind.

Sometimes it may be a song I don’t listen to, or even like, but a key part sticks out and repeats in my head. It may have been 10 years or longer since I heard it, and suddenly I hear the tune and lyrics inside.

Now, about the current 2021 attempt to overthrow the president of the United States of America via constitutional Article 14, Article 25, or via impeachment of Donald Trump, I started hearing “It’s a mistake” by the Australian 1980’s band, MenAtWork.

All of the chaos going on in America and locally here in California has greatly blocked my normal prophetic flow. And it’s in seasons like this, that historically God had spoken to me through dreams. I don’t say, “dreams and visions”, because I’ve only had one vision in my life as of the beginning of 2021. So visions are not common to me, and while having some qualities to a dream, are very different.

Starting around 2018 I started hearing songs when the other ways I normally hear have become blocked. To reimphasise, that is the case presently.

Now I very rarely have heard specific things about politics, personally. But this day on January 13, 2021, it’s very clear that God is saying, “It’s a mistake”.

I’ve been hearing just the chorus repeating, which pretty much just repeats different tonal versions of, “its a mistake”.

I decided out of curiosity, to see what the rest of the lyrics to this Men at Work, song says, and in the context of song the Holy Spirit chose, the current situation, the accusations made against the president, it’s 100% a prophetic warning.

Other than “its a mistake”, that’s all I’ve gotten. And it’s for both parties. I have no idea about the outcome. And even if I were someway able to present it as a prophetic warning directly to those making this decisions. I suspect, that just like in old testament prophecy, the leaders would ignore it. Because God has already hardened their hearts.

So I’m just putting it out where I can, and God will confirm it across the globe, through other prophetic people, if this “It’s a mistake”, warning is correct.

Here are the lyrics to the whole song.