Prophetic Dream – Slow Down – May 2021

It’s been a long time, since I have had anything prophetic to post. Not since April 15. 2021.

This morning I had a dream. 

I was in a classroom full of students, there were two instructors, a woman and a man. 

The man was older and seemed to represent business, a company or corporation, the other was a younger woman who represented education and regular life.

A mandatory test was begin given. So I wasn’t allowed to leave. I felt like I had a lot of other things I needed and wanted to take care of right now, that needed to be done, needed me to be proactive, but instead I was told to sit down when I asked to be excused.

I looked at the test and it was a thick test. It had a whole lot of pages, about the thickness of two old school magazines if stacked together.

The test was also in two sections. The first part of the test had normal looking school tests like format. The second part of the test were pages long, overly verbose, detailed and long and would have to be answered in an essay format.

The first part of the test was the woman’s instructors test, about life and things that are relevant to life at the moment. The second part of the test was the man’s part of the test.

The class was so full, that my desk was pushed right up next to the woman instructors desk. She was a younger female with black hair, perhaps Hispanic or a darker toned pacific islander. Her desk was on the left side of the room where I was. 

The older man was Caucasian, with white hair. He looked like what might be seen as a professor in a movie. He was on the right side of the class room.

The other students looked like college aged students and older.

I sat down at my desk and I immediately knew it was going to be a really long test and a long year ahead, and the answers to the questions would have to be written out in great detail.
So I asked the instructor to allow me to go to the restroom before I began such a long test, and she said ok.

The key to the dream, was what I kept hearing repeat throughout the entire dream. 

I kept hearing the words, “Slow Down”.

Several thoughts come to mind about this dream.

  1. Things seem to be at the beginning of reopening nationally, globally. Many of us have been out of work, lost our businesses, and faced economic challenges. We’re in a hurry to get restarted again. – God is saying “Slow Down”.
  2. This is a test. I recall, a prophetic insight I had written about earlier that had said, “This is a test”. Apparently we are in a test. So “Slow Down”. Rushing through a test is never helpful nor beneficial.
  3. This wasn’t the typical that we the bride church are used to. This is a long, thick, intricate and detailed test, and it will require answers to the questions that it is presenting. So “Slow Down”. If you try to rush through the test, without God providing the keys and answers to the test, you’re going to be extremely frustrated during the process of things ahead.
  4. This test effects male and female. The test was being presented by a man and woman.
  5. I believe the leaving to the restroom part of the dream before it ended, represents settling those things you can settle now, before the test begins. Maybe you have debt, and you also have money from unemployment, the government stimulus checks, etc. and you are planning to buy a new big tv, or go on vacation. I believe were being told to settle things that can be settled now, before the test begins, to avoid extra weight, burdens, hassles, worries in addition to the pressure that will be caused by the tests ahead. It’s always better to be rested, have peace, feel ok about a test, before you take a test.
  6. About (5.) above. In reflection a day latter, this reminded me of the pre-new years 2021 prophetic words, about leaving everything behind that you didn’t want to have to carry into the future. Things like resent, bitterness, strife, etc.

Marsha Burns – 5-20-2021 – Go, Slow, No

It’s always encouraging as a prophetic person, when other prophetic people are hearing the same or similar things. Marsha Burns posted this on the Small Straws In A Soft Wind page on 5-20-2021, two days after I posted the dream and the “word” in the dream on 5-18-2021

Many of you, My people, are feeling like you are either half a step ahead or one step behind. Take time to relax and be relieved from stress, and then deliberately position yourself in divine order and in the flow of the Spirit. Then discern when I say go, slow, or no. This is vital at the time for your sense of well being. Hosea 14:9 Let him understand these things. Who is prudent? Let him know them. For the ways of the Lord are right. The righteous walk in them, but transgressors stumble in them.

Marsha Burns