Civil war had broken out in America.

Just woke from the most realistic dream I’ve had since the prophetic dreams that ultimately lead me to be a missionary in Japan.

In this dream, civil war had broken out in America, within the cities. They were divided into militias fighting against each other. In the dream, I was seeing it from the perspective of a young man in his twenties. We were on a covered pick up truck, following other ones. There were about three other young men with me. We were headed to a civilian base within a city that had been set up at an elementary school.

As we went up a street on a slight hill, that reminded me of the long streets by Whittier college, a young man dressed in construction road worker like clothing approached us on the street. He was part of the civil core. He told us that we needed to be cautious between where we were and the base, because several trucks earlier had been ambushed. The driver and passenger in front thanked him and proceeded. There was another truck behind us, towards the direction we were facing.

None of us in the back had any urban combat training. We were civilian drafted locally, a last line of defense. We continued traveling up the street and were about a few blocks away from the base, when five white young adults came out into the street with improvised weapons. Two had small high powered caliber 22 pellet style weapons. One leading the assault had an improvised large consumer drone. We didn’t have any weapons so there wasn’t anything we could do except try to stay low.

Several of the trucks up ahead were taken out by another team. Then the vehicle behind us further down was taken out. Our vehicle continued moving forward up the street as fast as possible, which was not very fast because of things on the street. In the back we were freaking out because the high powered pellet guns were penetrating the thin shell of the truck on the sides, and two young males were approaching from behind.

I was shot in my hand and the pellet was a small metal pointed wood screw that went all the way into my palm. I swore in disbelief and shock that all this was happening and that I had been shot. Then I was shot again in the upper right side of my chest below my shoulder. There wasn’t anything we could do, and the three of us were laying flat, rolling back and forth violently trying to perhaps avoid being shot in the shell. It’s wasn’t helping.

Down the street about 100 feet away, was a young man with blond hair wearing an orange vest. He had two people standing next to him, to Protect him. He pulled out a remote controlled drone that had a shape similar to a big and long helicopter and got it ready, while those protecting him watched the assault on us take place. I sat up to look, because someone had pushed back those who had been attacking from the side. One of the guys who had been with us in the back had fled, so maybe some of those attacking went off after him.

The drone flew towards us and then over us and side to side, firing what seemed to be wood or metal needles that were strong enough to penetrate the already weakened fiberglass shell. There was no way to avoid them, as they entered and penetrated us. Mostly hitting in the chest.

In panic and shock, I quickly sat up and reached out and grabbed it with my hands as it came hovering past the open half of the cab shell. I could see it’s controller frantically try to manipulate it, but I had already grabbed it and started to pull it apart as it continued to shoot. The drone controller and his to companions, began running towards us, but we were far enough away that it was futile. They could only watch as I ripped the drone to pieces.

In the dream I was hysterical, crying as I tore it up. Then I, the young man with me, and the surviving driver reached the elementary school entrance, where a man in military fatigues had us wait to be cleared to enter. I and the young man with me in back sat up watching, we could barely breath because some of the needles had penetrated our lungs. I began to weep deeply as I considered my condition, as they waved the driver to pull into the yard.

I woke up during the weeping. This sounds like a nightmare, but it wasn’t. I was in an observer perspective, seeing and experiencing it from one participants perspective, even though I could also feel everything. I wasn’t afraid, like happens in a “nightmare”, there was no fear. Just the experience. No fear when I woke up. I awoke from this dream, just like any other dream, and started writing it down.

I only write down dreams that have certain characteristics, because I’d rather just go back to sleep. I’ve only had one similar military kind of dream before, which was about an end times battle, not having anything to do with civilian based warfare. I am not calling this prophetic, because at this point, other then the depth of the dream, there were no other aspects or awareness that occurs in prophetic dreams, that let me know.

If this dream is prophetic, or predictive, there would be other confirming things later. That being said, because this was dreamed from an observer perspective, I do not know how widespread this civil war was, across America. I knew it was happening here in Southern California. I did not see anyone on the streets, or during the dream that were my age. Everyone in the dream, we’re young. Everyone in the dream were white, several had blond hair. Their clothing and mannerisms reminded me of Orange County types, which fits with my description of the streets reminding me of Whittier. I’ve always felt Whittier is the only close city that has a beach type house and street vibe.

There may have been a Hispanic male working with the civil side, but it was the fact that white young adults, many with blond hair were fighting that made their ethnic attributes stand out, over others that may have also been in the dream.