Embrace your new normal

Our world has changed, it will never be what you previously knew before, how you grew up, how it used to work.

You’ll never make money the same way, live the same way, think the same way, have relationships exactly the same way, again.

Find your spot, in your new normal. Get comfortable with it. Adopt and accept it.

Make your new “normal’, the one you’re working with. Enjoy it. Some good things have come out of it, along with all of the bad things.

It’s a good day to reset. Reset your outdated old boundaries. Do things you couldn’t previously do, in ways you previously wouldn’t have had the boldness to do them.

You are stronger, you are wiser, you are a survivor.

Find your new “Normal” and embrace it.

Welcome to the Veil – The unfinished Trump Prophecies.

Back in 2014, I was a stronger supporter of Rand Paul for president. I wasn’t impressed with the only other candidate Ted Cruz who looked to be another possible White House Occupier.

At the beginning of 2015, I was leaning towards Ted Cruz, as Rand Paul looked less likely to move forward as a successful candidate.

So I began scouring through prophetic words from prophets I knew who had a history of hearing prophetically about politics and elections, but I wasn’t finding anything.

Then I accidently came across this obscure video on YouTube by Kim Clement. I’ve known of Kim Clement through a church I was connected to in the 90’s. He had often ministered there.

He had also prophesied about a man appearing (Obama) out of no-where, an essentially unknown politician and becoming president for two years. There were a couple of things he prophesied about Obama in his final terms that didn’t happen under Obama, but ultimately happened under Trump later.

So I spent 2015 until 2020 researching and studying all the prophecies from the early 2000’s up until 2015 that pointed to a Trump Presidency, and I wrote them down and started posting updates on my (now deleted) Facebook account.

No one believed me, or at least wanted to believe me as I reposted the list of all the prophetic things that I had written into a short list of the prophetic words about the Donald J. Trump presidency.

Eventually, I got tired of posting updates, because no one really care until after things started happening and they were looking for answers. So instead, I just began watching and checking things off the list as they happened.

One by one, I checked them off in amazement. As a prophetic person, who has been mentored by some amazing prophets, I’d never observed the prophetic being transparently and in plain sight before, in a manner only read about in the bible history.

The election, those things done in Israel, the two impeachments, the government corruption, etc. all the way up until 2020. Even the loss by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

And now were in the veil. The first part of this particular prophetic word is about the “veil placed upon this nation”, by God. That is where we are in 2021, and many are worried and concerned about the socialism that has infiltrated every level of government, congress, senate, and the White House.

This appears to be a dark time, the church torn down and put onto the streets, closed in violation of our first amendment constitutional rights. Our voices and cries for justice ignored in the supreme courts of our states. Mayors, governors suing pastors and churches who refused to close their doors and abandon the teaching of the gospel.

The nation, and nations locked down in the name of a virus. Businesses closed and forced into bankruptcy at the command of elected leaders. Jobs lost because they were not considered “Important or Essential”.

What is the purpose of this veil over the land? This darkness? It to create faith!

But what some now call the Trump Prophecies, in retrospect, are far from complete. In fact, much of what is prophesied in this particular video, by Kim Clement, is exactly where we are post Trump Presidency.

In my years of observation of the prophetic, and particularly those by Kim Clement, the first comes last and the last comes first.

Supreme Court tosses out ruling that upheld Newsom’s church restrictions 

That is certainly true in the first and original prophecies about Donald Trump becoming president and the brothers of goliath. Long before any of the other “prophets”, were talking about it. Long before it became the latest things to talk about in order to get book deals, tv guest spots or requested for the church network conference tours.

We have seen so many of the prophecies come to pass during four years. But we haven’t seen it all. It’s not done yet. Right now, we are in the veil. Originally in 2015, I thought the veil was about the previous years of frustration, many went through during President Obama’s terms, and the escalation and reversal of the years of racial progress that were undone, the promotion of ungodliness globally by Barack Obama during his terms. But here, now, in hindsight, that was nothing compared to what we have seen since 2020.

The good thing is, for those who have given up, those who think the prophecies have failed, they haven’t failed, it’s merely those many have turned their ear to for the prophetic. Those who didn’t hear in the first place, who only began making claims afterwards. But Kim Clement had prophesied about it years in advance, and in this particular video, the first part is where we are currently.

We are in the Veil of darkness over the nation, but listen to what happens in the time of the veil. In darkness faith grows, in despair faith grows. The churches were put outside of their sanctuaries, scattered at the head of every street. People become desolate and embrace ash heaps, stricken of fruits in the field. Those who had much, lost it. Then God say’s, “I am still in control!”. I will restore , I will restore the finances and resources lost. They will eat their delicates again.

America’s church is the most prophetically ignorant church on the planet. But many are waking up, many “pastors” and “leaders of the church”, are waking up. It’s hard not to, considering what has just happened, and it’s unwise to remain asleep where we are and through what is coming.

The media has, and will say whatever their master desires them to say, they are not led by a spirit of truth. Believe and put your trust in them and you will be led astray.

The Good thing, this veil of darkness will not be extended any longer than God deems necessary. We can expect it into 2024 at the very minimum.

While much of the Trump Prophecies have now been fulfilled, some of the most important things are still ahead, including what is coming for the White House and the corruption that surrounds the current White House and it’s existence.

Unlike what I did from 2015 to 2020, I am no longer going to break it down and list those things still ahead going forward. Why, because now that most have at least heard the name “Trump Prophecies”, it’s up to you to pay attention, up to you to start training yourself to hear, even if your church doesn’t believe in the prophetic.

I’ve listened to this particular key video for four years straight, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, always monthly, because I not only wanted to know what was coming, but I needed to know. It took listening to it over and over and over, to begin to both hear and see what was coming and happening.

Now it’s your turn. If you want to know, listen to this video. Listen to it again if you need to. Listen to it over and over again.

But know, God is still in control. God isn’t done yet and the things that seemed to have given victory to socialism, Marxism and communism in American in current day America will not prevail. God will turn it all around, but not according to your timing, or my timing, it will be in his timing.

A Veil Has Been Placed Upon This Land

God has no favorites, just followers

God has no favorites, just followers

2 Corinthians 10:12 For we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves. But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.

Beware of those in a position of authority

Beware of people who would use their relationship with you, your talents, their authority over you, to boost their own reputation and benefit. Not all of your connections were chosen, many occurred at birth, many were made for you for self-pleasing purposes; some were placed over you by positioning you were not involved with.

Exploitation by others, your desire for approval, surrendering your life purpose dreams and visions, are not from God.

You already have everything you need, to become everything God purposed for you to become.

But those in trusted positions over you will lead you astray, if you allow them to.

Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge God, and He will direct your steps and path.

Don’t be moved by circumstances

This is only a test

This time in history is unprecedented and unpredictable, and so remaining calm, being flexible and trusting that God is still fully in control and engaged is necessary. Don’t be moved by circumstances no matter how irregular or challenging things become. This is only a test, repeat this is only a test.


Spiritual Warfare Part 2 – John Wimber

Video 3 of Spiritual Warfare Part 2 Audio Series of John Wimber

This week for those churching at home, is the third Audio Only Series video on John Wimber’s Spiritual Warfare Part 2. This is perhaps the best series John presented. A whole lot better than Part 1. With clear and relevant topics, application and information. A timely word in a season of modern day global chaos.

Part 1 – https://youtu.be/DrZdDyKHbWE

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Part 3 – https://youtu.be/CReNVMXwCvQ

She Lives Desperate – A pandemic story

Then an atheist film director stood up and defended it. I was shocked. He got it. He’d been in a similar kind of life experience before, but with a different outcome. That’s when I knew, we had reached our vision.